Timeline of the Tanakh

I put this timeline together in a session at Noam Camp, in which I talked through the whole Tanakh in one 45-minute session (without notes). It is almost entirely accurate - except that Amos should be a little before Hosea, and I apparently don't have a good sense of spacial awareness (I made the exile look much longer than it was!). I even did a frowny face for King Saul and put the northern prophets above the line and the southern below...

Please note that the books are placed according to where they're set, not according to their order in the Tanakh or when they were historically put together. I've numbered the Minor Prophets, so that you can see how the chronology gets complicated.

We're using this timeline to help aid us in my Thursday evening session on the Minor Prophets (7pm, Zoom link here: https://zoom.us/j/799304898). I'm putting it here so that we have access to it online.



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